Our Cultural Legacy Project fundraising
campaign began Nov. 29 at the C. Bernard
Jackson birthday celebration. Learn more.

UCLA Beloved Community Awareness Week
features ICCC’s “Our Town LA” play reading,
C. Bernard Jackson Bridge Builder Awards​

Ernest Dillihay


Leadership and Support

James Burks


Carmen Hayward-Stetson Member-at-Large

Board of Directors

The Committee Of One Thousand's fundraising efforts are focused on supporting our Cultural Legacy Project, which will begin with housing, preserving and digitizing ICCC's 55-year archives and will ultimately culminate in the design and construction of the new Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center / C. Bernard Jackson Memorial Library.

Dr. Sandi Sheffey


Rosamaria Marquez


James Bronson


Duane Shepard Sr.

Cultural Legacy Project Team Leaders & Advisors

Committee Of One Thousand