Our Cultural Legacy Project fundraising
campaign began Nov. 29 at the C. Bernard
Jackson birthday celebration. Learn more.

UCLA Beloved Community Awareness Week
features ICCC’s “Our Town LA” play reading,
C. Bernard Jackson Bridge Builder Awards​

ICCC alum Su Grossman made a generous donation to support our Cultural Legacy Project fundraising campaign even before the campaign had officially begun. Here's her explanation:

"I met Jack [C. Bernard Jackson] when I was a student in UCLA's Dance Department....1966. Simply put, he changed my life (forever the better) in more ways than I can begin to express. Elaine Kashiki, Jack's assistant for many years, said to me something to the effect that 'I think many people would lie down on railroad tracks for him.' I would have."

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Su Grossman gift • Out of the Ashes reprint • Cultural Legacy Project fundraising campaign

"Out of the Ashes" reprint. We are pleased to announce a limited-run reprint of ICCC's highly-acclaimed history, "Out of the Ashes." Cultural Legacy Project donors of $100 or more (see next paragraph) will receive a copy of "Out of the Ashes." All but $35.00 of the donation is tax-deductible. 

Our Cultural Legacy Project fundraising campaign is under way!

We welcome donations of any size at any time. Donations made prior to the end of 2022 will be tax-deductible on your 2022 income tax return.

To donate, enter your donation in any amount using the Donate button at the bottom of this page. ($100 minimum donation required to receive "Out of the Ashes.") 

You can also use your own PayPal account to send us a donation at innercityculturalcenter@gmail.com.

If you have questions; if you'd prefer to donate by phone or email; and / or you'd like to assist with the Cultural Legacy Project fundraising campaign, please call us at (213) 234-1717 or email innercityculturalcenter@gmail.com.

Your tax-deductible donation helps us build for the future. You'll support both the Cultural Legacy Project's acquisition of a temporary space to house, inventory, catalogue, digitize and present 55 years of archival materials, and completion of the design for the new Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center and C. Bernard Jackson Memorial Library we plan to build in South Los Angeles. The latter will be the first-ever fully functional multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-racial cultural center and library of this type.

You can also help us by joining the ICCC mailing list and encouraging your friends and colleagues to do likewise! To sign up, please use the form on the Contact page of this website. 

Thank you for your support of Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center!