Multiculturalism, diversity, equity and inclusion -- the core values on which the Inner City Cultural Center was founded -- are issues that the arts and entertainment industries are still grappling with today in their hiring, production, and  programming practices. Cross-cultural communications and inclusion remain at the forefront of methodologies influenced by the creative industries as well as society at large.

In 2014, the alumni of Inner City Cultural Center, in conjunction with Arts Culture Entertainment, LLC, initiated a comprehensive 3-year / 3-phase program to celebrate the rich cultural legacy of both the Inner City Cultural Center and ICCC co-founder, artistic and executive director C. Bernard Jackson, while also paying homage to the many cultural and artistic contributions he made to the City of Los Angeles.

The 3-year / 3-phase program was designed to acknowledge key milestones in the history of the ICCC -- the three periods spanning 1965-2015, 1966-2016, and 1967-2017 -- culminating in a 50th anniversary celebration. November 4, 2017 was the 50th anniversary of ICCC’s inaugural season of live performances as well as its launch of the Langston Hughes Memorial Library at the original ICCC site.

In summary, the activities that began within the 3-year / 3-phase program now include more focused strategic planning as well as these current initiatives:

• Building increased public, media and philanthropic awareness of Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center

• Reprinting our “Out of the Ashes” history book, and beginning production of an accompanying documentary film

• Connecting with as many ICCC alumni as possible and re-enrolling them in LA ICCC's mission

• Conducting alumni and patron interviews to document individual oral histories as well as ICCC milestone events over 50+ years

• Organizing and cataloging 50 years of materials from C. Bernard Jackson’s ICCC archives 

​Our strategic business plan encompasses:

• LA ICCC leadership, board and committee development

• Funding and implementing Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center site-based and online presentations and training programs going forward

• Collaborating with UCLA’s Beloved Community Initiative and UCLA’s Office of the Chancellor to leverage ICCC’s legacy and history with UCLA to build a stronger, mutually beneficial relationship, and

• Designing, building and operating the new Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center and C. Bernard Jackson Memorial Library, housing the collective archives of arts-based institutions and individuals who remain committed to diversity and inclusion in the city of Los Angeles.

We welcome your support in building for the future. Please visit our Support Us page for further information. Thank you.

We Build for the Future

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